Webinar Recap: Top Digital Marketing Challenges Hospitality Is Looking to Solve in 2023

In this session, hospitality experts Michelle Woodley, Flo Lugli, Max Starkov, and Tammie Carlisle shared insights and challenges faced by marketers in 2023. They covered essential topics like the role of digitization, the complexity of the customer journey and how it impacts travel in 2023. The speakers also discussed the insights on marketing formats that work, the role of channels, digital technologies to adapt and more. The deck and webinar video are now available.

  • How the hospitality customer journey has evolved during the pandemic and beyond.
  • The role of changing economy and how to stay ahead of market challenges.
  • Key segments to focus on and strategies that will work across transient, corporate, and leisure segments.
  • Latest trends and opportunities available in hotel digital marketing.
  • How to secure a more significant share of the wallet.

Please download the video.
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