Schema Research: Schemas Positively Impact Multiple Aspects of Visibility and Organic Performance

Deploy error-free advanced schema markup

Ever thought of increasing your featured snippets visibility by 124% and making it easy for consumers to find you online? Google, Bing, Amazon, and even Apple's Siri, all modern search systems use schemas to understand your content, index it, and match it with relevant search queries. As search has evolved from keywords to entities schemas have become the backbone of the modern search algorithm architecture. Schemas are one of the biggest reasons why your search results could improve and your target customers can find you. 

While schemas have been promoted by Google and regarded as valuable, it has been hard to find successful case studies and research data. To solve this problem, Milestone Research set out to measure the impact of the organic performance and results of websites that use error-free advanced schema markup. Milestone Research analyzed 88 sites, over 65,000 pages, 391,000 keywords, hundreds of millions of impressions, and millions of visits and sourced data.

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