Webinar Recap: Planning Your 2023 Digital Marketing Budget

In this session, Keith Brophy, Sr. Director of Omnichannel at Milestone and Craig Carbonniere, Sr. Director of Sales at Milestone shared extremely useful information on how to do the digital marketing budget plan and shared multiple case studies. They also explained the best strategies and examples to be followed while planning the budget. The deck and webinar video are now available.

  • 7-11% of the revenue for the marketing budget is typical
  • Half the marketing budget in digital
  • Develop and promote unique experiences
  • Integrate proactively with local events and holiday activities
  • Understand your customer needs, market, and demand and align budget accordingly
  • Balance budget according to goals: rooms revenue/occupancy vs. group business growth
  • Optimize platforms for digital capabilities to achieve goals
  • Increase room revenue by focusing on direct booking share
  • Increase ancillary revenue
  • Invest in your data infrastructure migrate to GA 4

Please download the deck of the webinar.