Webinar Recap: Local Search in 2023 - Must-Know and Must-Do Tactics

In this session, renowned local experts Greg Sterling, Joy Hawkins, Mike Blumenthal, and Benu Aggarwal shared extremely useful information on local search for 2023. These included various impacts of algorithm updates and effects in 2022 and the role of Google AI in local search. They highlighted the different types of content that will engage users in local search using hyperlocal experience and also they shared other must-have solutions for local search presence within a marketing plan. The deck and webinar video are now available.

  • How top local trends from 2022 - 2023 impact the search results: visual search, TikTok search, Amazon search, EEAT, voice, reviews, review gating, spam reviews, privacy
  • The role of AI and Chat AI in local search in 2023
  • Advanced image optimization and tagging, research data on lift from original images, lift from videos
  • How the hyperlocal experience helpful for multilocation business
  • What helpful content is and how to bring qualitative and quantitative criteria into your content marketing plan
  • Omnichannel connectivity … and much more. Watch the video and read the robust deck

Please download the deck.
Click here to watch the video