Webinar Recap: Engaging Digital Experiences Drive Revenue

In the webinar, we discussed how your CMS influences the site experience you provide your visitors and how the right CMS will help drive organic and local traffic and increase engagement and conversion. Whether you are a large or mid-size site, choosing the right CMS will have an outsize impact on the results it generates. We discussed how to make the most of your data, design, and technology stack choices for optimal performance.

Key takeaways:

  • SEO-first CMS, how it works, and why you want it
  • How to evaluate and choose the right website technology
  • What are the key choices and decisions you need to make the foundation
  • What the agile approach to design and site management is and how to get started
  • More case studies and success stories to show you how to win in 2022

If you want to discuss more, contact your CSM or sales@milestoneineternet.com