Webinar Recap: Entity Search is Your Competitive Advantage

In the webinar, Dixon Jones, CEO at inLinks, Bill Hunt, CEO at Back Azimuth Consulting, and Matt Lacuesta, Director of SEO of Milestone Inc., discussed how entity search, schema gaps, and intent queries give marketers direction to create comprehensive content, solid architecture, and a roadmap for choosing the right entities for any domain.

Also, they shared a step-by-step process to help improve your content visibility and leads. Plus, they connected the dots between entity search and an amazing user experience.

Key topics in this recap :
•    Figure out what additional content better disambiguates your content
•    Entity optimization can be your competitive advantage to increase visibility, traffic, and results
•    Measure incremental lift of entity efforts
•    Check out Dixon's book Entity SEO


If you want to discuss more about the Entity Search, contact your CSM or sales@milestoneineternet.com