Weddings Research

Weddings are a huge driver of business for hotels, venues, and service providers with an estimated $46 billion in expenditures in the US each year. The pandemic sharply reduced the number of weddings and the size of the ones that did occur for safety and regulatory reasons.

Wedding facts
• US weddings expected at 1,930,000 in 2021 and top 2,500,000 million in 2022
• Washington Post reports that 47% of couples who planned to marry in 2020, postponed their weddings
• 20% of 2021 weddings rescheduled out to 2022
• June 2021 engagement ring sales were 20% above the June 2019 level 
• Pre-pandemic the average wedding included 131 guests and cost $23,000
• 2021 spending averaging $22,500 with 2022 expected to cost $24,300
• 15% of couples say they are still cutting budgets by as much as 28% 
• 15% of couples say they are still cutting guest counts by as much as 27% 
• 37% of weddings in England are on weekdays