Weddings Research

Weddings RFPs in 2022 are coming back strong and above 2019 levels. Read this report to see understand the volume and forecast and learn how to capitalize on this release of pent-up demand to marry and celebrate. Learn the 12 specific recommendations Milestone is making to connect and convert with couples and also how to tap into the return of business meetings and corporate event RFPs, which are now running at 2019 levels.

Wedding facts
The market size of the wedding services industry in the United States is estimated at $67 billion+ in 2022
• In 2021 the average cost of a wedding was $27,063
• In 2020, the US marriage rate dropped to lowest level ever at 5.1 per 1000 people
• There were 1,934,982 weddings in the United States in 2021 – that’s about 5,300 weddings every day
• There are 336,725 wedding services industry businesses in the United States as of 2022
• Milestone forecasts US weddings to come in at 2,450,000 in 2022