Webinar Recap: Power Your Business with FAQs

In this webinar Milestone's experts Ritika Chugh, Sr. Director – Product and R&D, and Tushar Prabhu, Director of SEO, discussed top tips to leverage the power of FAQs to drive engagement and traffic to your digital assets. They briefly reviewed why answers are the key to driving your prospects forward on their journey. Customers seek answers in search engines, on your website, and from their network, and you want to be the source of those answers to maintain engagement across the journey. Investing in answers will pay off attractively, but doing so successfully means you have to understand what they are asking and their intent.

This webinar covered the following:

  • Source and curate questions
  • Organize questions and answers like content
  • Mark up FAQs with schemas 
  • Engage and convert customers
  • Learn how to evaluate your FAQs
  • Track and report FAQ performance

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