Webinar Recap: Why Entity Search Can Be Your Competitive Advantage in 2021

In this webinar Bill Hunt, Global Strategy Consultant for Black Azimuth Consulting and our Founder and President, Benu Aggarwal, and our VP of Marketing, Erik Newton, discussed how entity-led growth offers immense opportunity to brands to build robust presence along with establishing the right criteria to measure success. The discussion covered how entity search, schema gaps, and query intent give marketers direction to create robust content, the right site architecture, and the right entities for any domain. It included the in-depth explanation of a 5-step process to help you improve share of visibility, leads, and to connect the dots between entity search.

This webinar covered the following:

  • What is entity-led growth and how it can help you expand your audience
  • How to roll out entity search for global sites – weekly, monthly, and quarterly process to gain maximum visibility
  • Realize the potential value of entity search / share of visibility 
  • 5-step process to optimize for entity led growth