Webinar Recap:
Recovering Revenue - A Tactical Guide for Hotels to Get Ahead in 2021

Thank you for joining, in the webinar Tammie Carlisle, Head of Hospitality at Milestone and Nancy Johns, Senior Vice President, Integrated Marketing + Digital Solutions at Crescent Hotels and Resorts as they have discussed about recovery strategies for hotels in Q2.

They have addressed digital discovery and digital experience and where the best opportunities lie in the recovery and growth phase of the pandemic.

Key topics in this recap video

  • What tactics to apply for the weddings and other celebration starting in Fall
  • How are you preparing your hotels for what is next?
  • What should hotels be doing to communicate with their guests right now?
  • How do you get media spend when you have a hotel or owner that is hesitant to spend?
  • How do you measure different programs success?