Webinar recap: Financial Services and Bank Marketing in a Pandemic with US Bank and Wells Fargo

In this webinar, we covered a fresh new point of view on the centrality of Google in digital marketing, how two Fortune 500 banks are leading digital transformation in the middle of a pandemic, including a deep dive into omnichannel best practices and content marketing strategy.

Key takeways included:

  • Google is the home page of all your home pages, get it right with schemas, AMP, speed, experience, crawlability, and visibility​ 
  • Crisis has accelerated digital transformation and progress​ 
  • Consumers want to hear what brands are doing to support their customers and community and appreciate advertising around this messaging​ 
  • You can manage and enhance your brand even in a crisis if you focus on your consumer behavior and connect the dots between channels, content, and consumer 
  • Drive continued digital engagement​ and make sure you leverage the benefits of omnichannel marketing