Webinar recap: Hospitality recovery with Chip Rogers – CEO, AHLA

This webinar in partnership with AHLA was a great opportunity to understand the broader business impact of the pandemic, and how AHLA has been working with the federal government to provide busines resources to AHLA member hotels.

Chip Rogers, CEO, and President, AHLA highlighted the Safe Stay industry-standard guideline, safety certifications, and welcome back programs launched by the association. He also provided insights into all the federal, and financial support available to member hotels.

Anil Aggarwal, CEO of Milestone, highlighted digital consumer trends, and how hoteliers can leverage their digital assets to drive bookings, and increase occupancy.

Key takeaways:

  • Leverage the cleaning protocols, like Safe Stay, train, and certify staff​
  • Communicate clean & safe actively throughout the customer experience​
  • Have a reopening plan, and checklist, implement, adjust, adapt​
  • Expand communication to reach new markets​
  • Stay connected to your industry associations, and Milestone for the latest​

Don't miss this amazing event recap, and download the safe stay guidelines.