Webinar recap: Leadership lessons by Chip Conley

Focus on your organization’s culture, accept learning opportunities, grow your skills, problem solve for your customers, use a growth mindset, and practice mindfulness.
In this webinar recap you will hear visionary leader, author, former Joie de Vivre founder and CEO and former AirBNB advisor Chip Conley in conversation with our Founder and President, Benu Aggarwal. They discussed organizational culture development, how to empower employees, what skills are relevant now more than ever, and what the future looks like in the post-pandemic world. Here are some additional take away from the sessions

  • The recovery framework and how to lead the team to adapt
  • Building an organization culture which helps you thrive during the downturn
  • Creating peak experiences by putting employees first who will solve customer problems
  • Leadership must-haves to align employees and partners
  • Skills that are most valuable today: ownership, communication, problem solving
  • How can you  add value to your personal careers during a down economy
  • Chip has helped many people change the way they think about their jobs and helped businesses the world over.