Only 19% of Sites Fully Optimized for Core Web Vitals

Digital transformation and customer experience are two major themes for digital marketers in 2022. Google has updated the schedule for when these metrics will be ranking factors to June 2022.

Customer experience is increasingly digital with most customers journeys having digital components, even for offline purchases. 85% of customer journeys pass through Google search at least once, so visibility there drives engagement and results. Google’s Core Vitals update directs websites to improve page load speed, site interactivity speed, and content stability. 

Milestone Research set out to benchmark the progress of sites across industries on these newly defined metrics.

It found the progress to be quite poor with only 19.1% of 928 sites fully qualifying as ready.

Like many algorithm changes, this one presents an opportunity for sites to take first-mover advantage in a sparsely crowded field.

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