Click Curve Data: Rich organic search results are key to drive your SEO traffic


Organic-Click-Curve - Research

Despite many changes in SEO, the way listings are presented, and the rise of no-click SERPs, SEO still provides significant traffic opportunities and is usually the largest channel.

But not all SERPs provide the same amount of traffic per 100 queries. Some SERPs provide 89 clicks per 100 queries and some provide just 15 clicks per query.

One of the keys to SEO success is figuring out which kind of SERPs have high yield and what rich media content and SEO techniques you need to use to be represented there.  

This Milestone click curve (CTR by SEO rank position) report breaks down all the major SERP types and shows the click curve for brand and non-brand queries and for desktop and mobile devices. 

Use this report to inform your SEO and improve your results.