Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Research: Increase, Speed, Impressions, Traffic, and Revenue

Accelerated Mobile Pages increase website traffic

With mobile devices responsible for a lion’s share of searches carried out online and most searches done on-the-go by customers, Accelerated Mobile Pages has been a definitive solution to enhance the experience of website visitors. That said, there has been a lot of debate in the tech community as to whether AMP does boost traffic and the performance of a website, and there wasn’t any conclusive evidence out there to settle the argument. Now there is.

To set the record straight, Milestone Research took on the challenge and analyzed non-AMP websites vs. AMP websites across different industries. Our research included 5,000 landing pages, 408,000,000 search impressions, and millions of site visits. 

What did we find? 

Not only does AMP help your website prepare for Google’s latest Core Web Vitals updates – which will be a certain ranking factor by 2021 – but will help improve your website’s speed, traffic, rankings, and boost your business’s revenue.  

To learn more about AMP and how you can benefit from it, download our research.